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Professional Service Firms

We have consulted with over 25 professional service firms. The services we offer them can be summed up by our tag line: STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Included in our service mix are the following elements: strategic planning, business development planning, assessment of internal culture, development of professional management systems, and hands on management assistance implementing all plans/programs.

Our initial objective is to determine if the firm has an effective plan in place for future growth and success. If not, we help the firm develop a strategic plan.

Once a plan is in place, we become directly involved in the implementation process, assisting in achieving desired results. We literally become part of the firms senior management team, assuming direct responsibility for those results.

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Strategic Planning

Typically, we begin our assignments with professional firms by developing (or enhancing) the company’s strategic plan.

We ask:

  • Is the plan one that has well defined strategic objectives?
  • Does the plan outline specific actions?
  • Are specific responsibilities spelled out in the plan, by department and by individual?
  • Is there an effective accountability system in place to assure success?
  • Most importantly, is the plan a true driver of the business on a month in, month out basis?

Business Development Planning

  • What are the business’s growth objectives?
  • How much of that growth is targeted to come from current clients?
  • How effective is the firm’s process for enhancing current client relationships?
  • Is there a marketing plan, and is it followed consistently?
  • Is the firm pursuing well defined target market segments?
  • Does the firm prioritize face to face interaction with targeted segments and firm prospects?
  • Does the professional staff receive coaching for the outreach process?
  • Does the internal firm culture promote and support business development activities?
  • Is the business development process actively managed by a firm senior executive?

Internal Culture Assessment

  • How can the prevailing internal culture be described?
  • Does the culture support and align with the firm’s strategic objectives?
  • Is there truly a shared sense of mission?
  • Is there a market driven internal culture?
  • Does the organization exhibit excitement, pride and esprit de corps?
  • Does the culture feature openness of communication, upwards, downwards and sideways?
  • Is teamwork a hallmark of the firm’s culture?
  • Does the culture promote personal responsibility and commitment?
  • Is an effective internal accountability system in place?

Professional Management Systems

  • Does senior management utilize a participative management style?
  • Are meetings held consistently, and do they focus on implementation of action plans to achieve the firm’s strategic objectives?
  • Is delegation of responsibility and authority a hallmark of firm operations?
  • Is firm leadership functioning in a “high profile” manner?
  • Does management consistently demonstrate a high level of commitment to achieving firm objectives while simultaneously exhibiting real concern for people?
  • Do the firm’s departments interact smoothly, operating together to achieve overall firm success?
  • Does senior management implement and maintain an effective internal accountability system?

Hands on Management Assistance Implementing All Plans/Programs

We function as part of our client senior management team to implement all plans and programs we have developed. This includes the entire business development process, as well as assisting in the creation of a more effective management system and process. This effort has proven to be a highly cost effective means of leveraging our client's management resources.