Walt Truelson, Founder

One World Trade Center
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Portland, OR 97204

Not For Profit Organizations

We have assisted 40+ not for profit organizations, mostly in the arts field. We have provided them guidance through a unique and effective strategic planning process.

In most all cases, the challenge for smaller nonprofits is “not enough resources at the core.” Solve that problem, and the rest falls into place. We aim to tackle this challenge for nonprofits with a concentric circles perspective.

Initially, we meet with the organization’s innermost circle (board members, staff, loyal supporters, etc.) Our objective is to:

Once this initial meeting is complete, we repeat the process with the next circle (season ticket holders, long time friends of the organization, etc.) As we meet with each group, we gain human resources as we move towards our objectives. Ultimately, we are reaching out to the outermost circles, targeting individuals and organizations who may know nothing about the non profit. Along the way, we have secured commitments from a number of individuals to assist this outreach effort in specific ways.

This approach has worked well with a number of such organizations. Currently, Walt Truelson is serving as Board President of the Portland Actors Conservatory, and that organization has undertaken this process with significant success.

Our approach is driven by a deeply held conviction that:

Walt served as a senior consultant for many years with the San Francisco Business Volunteers for the Arts, and was selected “Business Volunteer of the Year” in 1999-2000, by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. He has served on several boards of not for profit organizations.