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Emerging Businesses

Surmounting the Entrepreneurial Wall

We are all aware that a very high percentage of start up businesses fail in the first few years. But there are pitfalls for those who succeed as well. Possibly the greatest challenge of all comes when the business’s founders hit “the entrepreneurial wall”.

The entrepreneurial wall is a result of success and rapid growth. It represents a time when the business must evolve from an entrepreneurially driven concern to a professionally managed one.

This transition can be difficult and challenging. The founders must significantly modify their behavior for the firm to continue its success.

We can help with this transition. We work closely with the founder(s) to develop the kind of professionally run business operation capable of ongoing success. We not only help develop the plans and programs necessary in such a transition, we take a very active role in managing them.

Very often we assume the role of “chief operating officer” on a part time, interim basis, reporting directly to the founders. We can add to the firm’s management strength while “modeling” the management behaviors that are most effective in this new environment.

Nearly always, we begin our work by leading the founder and the firm in a strategic planning process. This planning leads to highly specific strategic objectives. These objectives will then become the true drivers of the business, operating under a “management by objectives” methodology. This approach has been proven time and again to be a most effective management system. The vast majority of large and successful US corporations use a version of this system.

We work closely with the founder on a one-on-one basis throughout this entire effort, providing guidance, as needed, in their evolution from “successful, driven entrepreneur” to a skilled senior executive with top flight executive abilities.

Quite simply, our primary objective is to create a firm ready and able to grow profitably and professionally into the future.